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Jewish Family Service of San Diego is a non-profit supporting individuals and families in need. In the last year, they have provided assistance including financial, nutritional, emotional, and other resources to over 25,000 people. Their organization relies heavily on those who have donated their time and finances. To show their appreciation, they held a celebration for their Leadership Circle Supporters at a beautiful home in La Jolla.

Avi Frohlichman With Tali And Michael Abramson 18157 300 600 80 Avi Frohlichman with Tali and Michael Abramson
Erin Combs Pearl And Howard Pearl 18158 300 600 80 Erin Combs Pearl and Howard Pearl
Hilary And Selwyn Isakow 18159 300 600 80 Hilary and Selwyn Isakow
Inge Feinswog With Morris And Zita Liebermensch 18160 300 600 80 Inge Feinswog with Morris and Zita Liebermensch
Jay And Jennifer Levitt  Ernest Rady And Michael Hopkins 18161 300 600 80 Jay and Jennifer Levitt Ernest Rady and Michael Hopkins
Karin Toranto  Glenn And Gabrielle Oratz 18162 300 600 80 Karin Toranto Glenn and Gabrielle Oratz
Loretta Adams And Ben Snyder 18163 300 600 80 Loretta Adams and Ben Snyder
Lorraine Boyle And Aviva Saad 18164 300 600 80 Lorraine Boyle and Aviva Saad
Marie Raftery  Bob Rubenstein  Amnon And Lee Ben Yehuda 18165 300 600 80 Marie Raftery Bob Rubenstein Amnon and Lee Ben Yehuda
Mark Cammell And James Lu 18166 300 600 80 Mark Cammell and James Lu
Mike Stern  Mark Lohkemper And Mathew Fink 18167 300 600 80 Mike Stern Mark Lohkemper and Mathew Fink
Pamela And Edward Carnot 18168 300 600 80 Pamela and Edward Carnot
Robert And Lauren Resnik With Meg And Allan Goldstein 18169 300 600 80 Robert and Lauren Resnik with Meg and Allan Goldstein

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