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A relaxed garden party for United Way’s Tocqueville Society took place at a private home in Bankers Hill as the United Way of San Diego County gave an update on Readers in the Heights, a summer learning loss prevention initiative helping 400 children in City Heights enjoy a literacy camp experience that will keep them reading and learning! Readers in the Heights has over 150 volunteers who are helping tutor children in literacy-enhancing games and other STEM activities.

Lisa Kalal  Cathryn Leff And David Pollock 19207 300 600 80 Lisa Kalal Cathryn Leff and David Pollock
Lulu Hsu And Helen Zhang 19208 300 600 80 Lulu Hsu and Helen Zhang
Scott And Betsy McClendon With Bruce Abrams 19209 300 600 80 Scott and Betsy McClendon with Bruce Abrams
Amy And Reid Carr 19210 300 600 80 Amy and Reid Carr
Angela And Joseph Bear 19211 300 600 80 Angela and Joseph Bear
Carina Torres And Donmienne Leung 19212 300 600 80 Carina Torres and Donmienne Leung
Glenn And Lynne Rossman  Dave And Janice Carothers 19213 300 600 80 Glenn and Lynne Rossman Dave and Janice Carothers
Jacqueline Parks  Jacob Richards  Laurie Coskey And Rich Pattenaude 19214 300 600 80 Jacqueline Parks Jacob Richards Laurie Coskey and Rich Pattenaude
Jennifer And Conrad Kreutzer 19215 300 600 80 Jennifer and Conrad Kreutzer
Laurie Coskey And Regina Evans 19216 300 600 80 Laurie Coskey and Regina Evans

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