STEM learning made its way to PETCO Park for an exciting evening highlighting innovation and educational opportunities for the entire family. Athena ALL STARS hosted the event at the stadium where those in the life science and tech fields could network and learn about exciting new developments including a demo of KOOV, a groundbreaking coding and robotics kit.

Ana Maria Alba  Tracy Burgett And Denise Hummel 19156 300 600 80 Ana Maria Alba Tracy Burgett and Denise Hummel
Chelsy Clark And Nickie Behdin 19157 300 600 80 Chelsy Clark and Nickie Behdin
Jacquie Cheek And Jessica Thomas 19158 300 600 80 Jacquie Cheek and Jessica Thomas
Jeffrey Carlin  Naasira Wahid And Johnny Pham 19159 300 600 80 Jeffrey Carlin Naasira Wahid and Johnny Pham
Jeni Barajas  Michaela Butler And Alison Caldwell 19160 300 600 80 Jeni Barajas Michaela Butler and Alison Caldwell
Julia  Cecilia  Jennifer And Olivia 19161 300 600 80 Julia Cecilia Jennifer and Olivia
Monique Williamson  Jay Chernikoff And Kate Hensley 19162 300 600 80 Monique Williamson Jay Chernikoff and Kate Hensley
Paige Kemsley  Elizabeth Laine And Jessica Simington 19163 300 600 80 Paige Kemsley Elizabeth Laine and Jessica Simington
Silvana Del Piccolo  Erna Adelson And Shaye Exner 19164 300 600 80 Silvana Del Piccolo Erna Adelson and Shaye Exner

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