The Stars and Stripes Kick-Off hosted by Chef Flor Franco celebrated South Bay Community Services’ participation as a beneficiary of the 22nd Annual Stars and Stripes Tournament. The three day tournament will provide much-needed assistance to the organization, among seven other youth charities, supporting the Mi Escuelita Preschool a therapeutic program for children affected by abuse and domestic violence.

Chef Flor Franco  Isabel Cruz And Chef Tori Step 21589 300 600 80 Chef Flor Franco Isabel Cruz and Chef Tori Step
Christianne Penunuri And Kevin Rhodes 21590 300 600 80 Christianne Penunuri and Kevin Rhodes
Ed Schroeder And Susan Seifert 21591 300 600 80 Ed Schroeder and Susan Seifert
Katherine Wilson  Annie Wilson And Liz Ramirez 21592 300 600 80 Katherine Wilson Annie Wilson and Liz Ramirez
Kelly And Ward Lannom  Patty Chavez And Linda Townson 21593 300 600 80 Kelly and Ward Lannom Patty Chavez and Linda Townson
Lupita Baumgardner  Diane Mueller And Kathie Lembo 21594 300 600 80 Lupita Baumgardner Diane Mueller and Kathie Lembo
Maddy Kilkenny And John Baumgardner 21595 300 600 80 Maddy Kilkenny and John Baumgardner
Matt Noonan  Matt Slakoff And Perry Bacon 21596 300 600 80 Matt Noonan Matt Slakoff and Perry Bacon
Michele Arthur And Christianne Penunuri 21597 300 600 80 Michele Arthur and Christianne Penunuri
Susan Seifert And Perry Bacon 21598 300 600 80 Susan Seifert and Perry Bacon
Valerie Brew  Dina Chavez And Larissa Tabin 21599 300 600 80 Valerie Brew Dina Chavez and Larissa Tabin

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