The 16th annual Starry Starry Night was a success both socially and philanthropically. Set under the beautiful star-lit sky of Rancho Santa Fe, attendees were able to mingle while tasting inspired cocktails under a moonlit sky. Proceeds from the evening benefitted Voices for Children which serves local foster children in need.

Alexis MacMillan And Tricia Griffin 24504 300 600 80 Alexis MacMillan and Tricia Griffin
Alison And Ryan Blair With Emily And Derrick Fox 24505 300 600 80 Alison and Ryan Blair with Emily and Derrick Fox
Brianna Baer And Jeff Wheeler 24506 300 600 80 Brianna Baer and Jeff Wheeler
Chuck Ross  Danielle And Brian Miller And Gail Ross 24507 300 600 80 Chuck Ross Danielle and Brian Miller and Gail Ross
Collin McKenna And Amanda Jones 24508 300 600 80 Collin McKenna and Amanda Jones
Danielle And George Kindley 24509 300 600 80 Danielle and George Kindley
Jason And Becca Craig  Randy And Cambra Finch  Zoe And Eric Kleinbub 24510 300 600 80 Jason and Becca Craig Randy and Cambra Finch Zoe and Eric Kleinbub
Jessica And Nathan Rogge With Jill And Alex Sun 24511 300 600 80 Jessica and Nathan Rogge with Jill and Alex Sun
John Valencia  Joshua Bringhurst And Tim Riley 24512 300 600 80 John Valencia Joshua Bringhurst and Tim Riley
Liz Gotfredson And Kathryn Munoz 24513 300 600 80 Liz Gotfredson and Kathryn Munoz
Molly And Junior Leoso 24514 300 600 80 Molly and Junior Leoso
Morgan Wahlstrom  Corie Goodman And Samantha Harrod 24515 300 600 80 Morgan Wahlstrom Corie Goodman and Samantha Harrod
Rewdy And Somer Holstein 24516 300 600 80 Rewdy and Somer Holstein
Sara Pipes And Brenda Glauch 24517 300 600 80 Sara Pipes and Brenda Glauch
Stephen Jasper And Allison Caruso 24518 300 600 80 Stephen Jasper and Allison Caruso
Suzanne Severance  Genevieve Knych Rohan And Christie Hakala 24519 300 600 80 Suzanne Severance Genevieve Knych Rohan and Christie Hakala
Terry Riley With Kim And Fabio Gratton 24520 300 600 80 Terry Riley with Kim and Fabio Gratton
Thomas Marriott  Dorinda Miller And John Valencia 24521 300 600 80 Thomas Marriott Dorinda Miller and John Valencia
Whitney Bell And Adam Robinson 24522 300 600 80 Whitney Bell and Adam Robinson

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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