Salk Spine

The Salk Institute hosted A Spinal Cord Injury seminar on topics ranging from innovative approaches for promoting recovery to characterization of new cellular and molecular pathways related to spinal cord injury and function. Will Reeve, son of actor Christopher Reeve and the CEO of the Reeve Foundation, was among the many speakers and attendees discussing the future of treatments and research.

G Whitman And Samuel Pfaff 17239 175 125 100 G Whitman and Samuel Pfaff Katja Piltti  Anne Engelmann And Francisca Benavente 17240 175 125 100 Katja Piltti Anne Engelmann and Francisca Benavente Lisa Schnell  Susan Howley And G Whitman 17241 175 125 100 Lisa Schnell Susan Howley and G Whitman
Lorne Mendell And John McConnell 17242 175 125 100 Lorne Mendell and John McConnell Matthew Reeve And Will Reeve 17243 175 125 100 Matthew Reeve and Will Reeve Samuel Pfaff And Reggie Edgerton 17244 175 125 100 Samuel Pfaff and Reggie Edgerton
Adam Hantman And Jack Martin 17245 175 125 100 Adam Hantman and Jack Martin Alexandra Reeve And Peter Wilderotter 17246 175 125 100 Alexandra Reeve and Peter Wilderotter Elizabeth Blackburn And Alexandra Reeve 17247 175 125 100 Elizabeth Blackburn and Alexandra Reeve

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