St Germaine

Working to stop child abuse, St. Germaine Children’s Charity’s Annual Silver Tea donates one hundred percent of the proceeds to its ten grant recipients. The 33rd Annual Silver Tea opened the doors to a beautifully decorated La Jolla estate, allowing elegant guests to enjoy a tour and traditional refreshments. The sophisticated event is a favorite amongst the local philanthropic community.

Deborah Arnau and Sara Napoli Elyssa Kennedy Mackenzie Allen JD Neir and Melanie Luck Jena Joyce and Lise Wilson
Joyce Nash and Joyce Dostart Judith Johnson and Susan Blanchard Julie Brazier and Maureen Keiffer
Kelly Kent Kristi Pfister and Zoe Kleinbub Luz Rowland and Marella Rowland Patty Chavez and Larissa Tabin
Rick Wildman Cynthia Kronemyer and Kathryn Vaughn Riney Keri and Andrea Anderson Sandy Cohenour and Teri Newlee
Shannon Turner Taunya Daley and Sally Irwin Sharon Belden Nancy Pfleg and Lisa Bartzokas Sheila Scaramella and Judy Uyemura
Sue Castiglione Marie Collura and Mary Ledwith Tiffany Brown and Lauren Gross Tina Blumenfeld and Sheryl Scarano
Barbara Maggio Diane Marinos and Carol Portman Betsy Mitchell and Carrie Cottriall Cindie Leonard Tracy Walton and Connie Walsh
Cindy Barnes and Laura Grace Havens Cindy Spillane Suzanne Merical and Janice Farnow Cris Andrews and Lisa Casey
Cristull Hasson and Phyllis Parrish Danny Romero Tim Ney and Shanita Mason  

Photographed by: Christina Muller

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