The Albion 12 Foundation presented an evening by the bay with delicious cocktails and dinner at their Shoot for the Stars event. The evenings’ goal was to help youth athletes succeed and unite those committed to local athletics. The programs championed by the organization not only include financial assistance and scholarships but those focused on leadership, philanthropy, and community.

Diana Wlaschitz Michelle Teems 22453 300 600 80 Diana Wlaschitz Michelle Teems
Irene Chandler And Karin Camp 22454 300 600 80 Irene Chandler and Karin Camp
Ismena Castellon And Nancy Rodriguez 22455 300 600 80 Ismena Castellon and Nancy Rodriguez
Jack Kilgore With Emma And Scott Morrison 22456 300 600 80 Jack Kilgore with Emma and Scott Morrison
Jamey Jaramillo And Emma Morrison 22457 300 600 80 Jamey Jaramillo and Emma Morrison
John McKaveney  Cari Massad  Noah Gins  Mike Spear And Michal Lynn O   Kelley 22458 300 600 80 John McKaveney Cari Massad Noah Gins Mike Spear and Michal Lynn O Kelley
Kim Martinez With George And Maritza Mekitarian 22459 300 600 80 Kim Martinez with George and Maritza Mekitarian
Leslie Straukas And Michele Roche 22460 300 600 80 Leslie Straukas and Michele Roche
Megan Eves And Tracy Umbert 22461 300 600 80 Megan Eves and Tracy Umbert
Michael Jaramillo  Dan Raeihle And Scott Morrison 22462 300 600 80 Michael Jaramillo Dan Raeihle and Scott Morrison
Suha Wazzi And Fred Fuad 22463 300 600 80 Suha Wazzi and Fred Fuad
Alissa Speziale And Carrie Engelman 22464 300 600 80 Alissa Speziale and Carrie Engelman
Anabelle Petersen  Alexandra Sanches And Bella Benedini 22465 300 600 80 Anabelle Petersen Alexandra Sanches and Bella Benedini
Ann Abbuhl And Mark Ingraham 22466 300 600 80 Ann Abbuhl and Mark Ingraham
Bassam Massaad  Ann Abbuhl And Mark Ingraham 22467 300 600 80 Bassam Massaad Ann Abbuhl and Mark Ingraham
Celia And Benjamin Cravatt With Willa And Masis Kevorkian 22468 300 600 80 Celia and Benjamin Cravatt with Willa and Masis Kevorkian

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