Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester recently received a plaque recognizing their support of the Sharp Mary Birch Hospital for Women and Newborns. The beautiful plaque depicting their family is now displayed in the Family Labor & Delivery Unit celebrating their generous donation of one million dollars which will help support their services, changing the lives of many children and families.

Geniya Manchester And Christina Jordan 20577 300 600 80 Geniya Manchester and Christina Jordan
Kem Graham And Molly Alderidge 20578 300 600 80 Kem Graham and Molly Alderidge
Mary Birch Manchester Plaque 20579 300 600 80 Mary Birch Manchester Plaque
Papa Doug And Geniya Manchester 20580 300 600 80 Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester
Sharp Mary Birch Staff 20581 300 600 80 Sharp Mary Birch Staff
Sharp Mary Birch 20582 300 600 80 Sharp Mary Birch
The Manchester Family 20583 300 600 80 The Manchester Family

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