San Diego has one of the largest scoliosis support communities in the nation; full of passionate families eager to share their scoliosis story with others and lend a hand! Setting Scoliosis Straight organized the Scoliosis Meetup to gather those in the area who have been affected by the condition. Created to raise awareness and provide support, the event was a great opportunity to prepare for their upcoming fundraiser Give Backs Hope on June 1.

Jordin And Raymond Weckmann 22301 300 600 80 Jordin and Raymond Weckmann
Leila  Sadie  Liz And Gabrielle Gimber 22302 300 600 80 Leila Sadie Liz and Gabrielle Gimber
Melodie And Dana Dick 22303 300 600 80 Melodie and Dana Dick
Mike And Kristen Trimm 22304 300 600 80 Mike and Kristen Trimm
Peter Newton And Michelle Marks 22305 300 600 80 Peter Newton and Michelle Marks
Rosie Greenberg And Cathy Newton 22306 300 600 80 Rosie Greenberg and Cathy Newton
Chloe Petcharaporn And Tara Vasi 22307 300 600 80 Chloe Petcharaporn and Tara Vasi
Emma And Fariba Rooholfada 22308 300 600 80 Emma and Fariba Rooholfada
Hannah And Jen May 22309 300 600 80 Hannah and Jen May
Howard Greenberg  Richard Gelbart And Alan Olsen 22310 300 600 80 Howard Greenberg Richard Gelbart and Alan Olsen
Jarrett Moore And Heather Guerreso 22311 300 600 80 Jarrett Moore and Heather Guerreso

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