Andrea Feinswog Darren Schwartz And Deena Swidler

StandWithUs is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people around the world about Israel and standing against anti-Semitism. With such an important mission requiring the unwavering support from many, their San Diego Leaders of Tomorrow Gala Dinner strives to inspire future generations with prestigious keynote speaker Hussein Aboubakr, remarks by Craig Dershowitz, and special guests Artists 4 Israel.


La organizaciĆ³n sin fines de lucro StandWithUs, se dedica a educar a las personas del mundo sobre Israel y la lucha contra el antisemitismo. Esta importante tarea requiere del apoyo constante de muchos y los organizadores de la gala San Diego Leaders of Tomorrow, se preocupan por motivar a futuras generaciones por medio de importantes oradores como Hussein Aboubakr, con comentarios de Craig Dershowitz y la presencia especial de Artists 4 Israel.

Andrea Feinswog  Darren Schwartz And Deena Swidler 24856 300 600 80 Andrea Feinswog Darren Schwartz and Deena Swidler
Bob Rubenstein And Marie Raftery 25007 300 600 80 Bob Rubenstein and Marie Raftery
Brian Grana  Hussein Avoubakr And Mark Miller 25008 300 600 80 Brian Grana Hussein Avoubakr and Mark Miller
Claire And David Ellman 25009 300 600 80 Claire and David Ellman
Claude And Veronique Benchimol 25010 300 600 80 Claude and Veronique Benchimol
Dan And Jaime Feder   25011 300 600 80 Dan and Jaime Feder
David Bramzon And Brandon Blum 25012 300 600 80 David Bramzon and Brandon Blum
Janna And Bryan Villano 25013 300 600 80 Janna and Bryan Villano
Mairav And Chalom Boudganh  Jonathan Rudin And Stephane And Rebecca Janson 25014 300 600 80 Mairav and Chalom Boudganh Jonathan Rudin and Stephane and Rebecca Janson
Mayor Bill Wells And Bettie Wells 25015 300 600 80 Mayor Bill Wells and Bettie Wells
Natalie Josephson  Michelle Lyons And Lara Grusd 25016 300 600 80 Natalie Josephson Michelle Lyons and Lara Grusd
Nora And Oren Drelich 25017 300 600 80 Nora and Oren Drelich
Ruth Tumini  Linda Church And Debbie Church 25018 300 600 80 Ruth Tumini Linda Church and Debbie Church
Salomon Daniel  Dalia Feldman  Esperanza Daniel And Ari Sacal 25019 300 600 80 Salomon Daniel Dalia Feldman Esperanza Daniel and Ari Sacal
Selwyn And Hilary Isakow 25020 300 600 80 Selwyn and Hilary Isakow
Sharon Goodman  Yamia Benhaim  Sari Rudy And Carolann Berman 25021 300 600 80 Sharon Goodman Yamia Benhaim Sari Rudy and Carolann Berman
Stephane And Rebecca Janson 25022 300 600 80 Stephane and Rebecca Janson
Tamy Erle  Joel Galante  Sara Galante And Karen Veinberg 25023 300 600 80 Tamy Erle Joel Galante Sara Galante and Karen Veinberg

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