The San Diego Crew Classic hosted their Stewards Event at Stone Brewing. The event brought together supporters and underwriters of San Diego Crew Classic for a night of celebration in anticipation of the upcoming regatta and brunch. Guests enjoyed hearing Jane Fetter share the history of the San Diego Crew Classic Stewards program.

Betsey And Mark Rose 20436 300 600 80 Betsey and Mark Rose
Cam And Justine Kiosoglous 20437 300 600 80 Cam and Justine Kiosoglous
Cameron Schiff And Gigi Cramer 20438 300 600 80 Cameron Schiff and Gigi Cramer
Ed Walton And Teresa Lambert 20439 300 600 80 Ed Walton and Teresa Lambert
Lyndsy Hassett And Brian Klepacki 20440 300 600 80 Lyndsy Hassett and Brian Klepacki
Randi And Fred Larsson 20441 300 600 80 Randi and Fred Larsson
Robert And Happy Moore With Alan And Susan Rezner 20442 300 600 80 Robert and Happy Moore with Alan and Susan Rezner
Scott And Patty Williams  Eileen Brennan  Kristan And Kirk Hanson 20443 300 600 80 Scott and Patty Williams Eileen Brennan Kristan and Kirk Hanson
Supporting The Cause 20444 300 600 80 Supporting the cause
Susie And Edward Piegza With Caroline And Emil Wohl 20445 300 600 80 Susie and Edward Piegza with Caroline and Emil Wohl
Tom Fetter  Joy Hagin  Jane Fetter And Darlene Disney 20446 300 600 80 Tom Fetter Joy Hagin Jane Fetter and Darlene Disney

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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