There were lights, cameras, and action at the 18th Annual San Diego Asian Film Festival Gala Awards with over 500 renowned figures in entertainment, business and community leadership making their way down the red carpet. In addition to recognizing the SDAFF’s top films, the Awards Gala was also an opportunity for Pacific Arts Movement to fundraise for their educational programs.

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Anahita Ghazvinizadeh  Danielle Pyszczynski And John Brenner 20743 300 600 80 Anahita Ghazvinizadeh Danielle Pyszczynski and John Brenner
Bianca Linares And Israel Hernandez 20744 300 600 80 Bianca Linares and Israel Hernandez
Chong Lee  Tallis Chang  Jennifer Chang And Anna Lee 20745 300 600 80 Chong Lee Tallis Chang Jennifer Chang and Anna Lee
Christopher And Clara Lee 20746 300 600 80 Christopher and Clara Lee
Deborah Linggi And Michele Richardson 20747 300 600 80 Deborah Linggi and Michele Richardson
Dieu Pham And Gina Bolton 20748 300 600 80 Dieu Pham and Gina Bolton
Felix Sablan  Jenny Ng  Nolan Zackel And Vincent Terlaje 20749 300 600 80 Felix Sablan Jenny Ng Nolan Zackel and Vincent Terlaje
Jamee And James Kyson 20750 300 600 80 Jamee and James Kyson
James Mcguirk And Megan Turnquist 20751 300 600 80 James Mcguirk and Megan Turnquist
Jon Pak  Kuing Pak  Liza Suh  Mercedes Noonan And Mei Bueno 20752 300 600 80 Jon Pak Kuing Pak Liza Suh Mercedes Noonan and Mei Bueno
Julia Han And Ji Sub Jeong 20753 300 600 80 Julia Han and Ji Sub Jeong
Kent Lee And James Kyson 20754 300 600 80 Kent Lee and James Kyson
Kent Lee And Tia Carrere 20755 300 600 80 Kent Lee and Tia Carrere
Kyawmi And Kreig Cabacungan 20756 300 600 80 Kyawmi and Kreig Cabacungan
Lee Ann Kim  Tia Carrere And Jinah Kim 20757 300 600 80 Lee Ann Kim Tia Carrere and Jinah Kim
Liberty Zabala And Grecia Figueroa 20758 300 600 80 Liberty Zabala and Grecia Figueroa
Louis Song And Lee Ann Kim 20759 300 600 80 Louis Song and Lee Ann Kim
Michelle Sugihara And Jess Ju 20760 300 600 80 Michelle Sugihara and Jess Ju
Nav Neet Grewal And Taz Ahmed 20761 300 600 80 Nav Neet Grewal and Taz Ahmed
Toan Tran  Cindy Lu And Sam Park 20762 300 600 80 Toan Tran Cindy Lu and Sam Park

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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