The Community Associations Institute is an organization that strives to make community association living the best that it can be through education, research and establishing standards for management companies. Their Monte Carlo Night Annual Awards and Gala brought out industry leaders for an evening that recognized those who have made a significant impact on the lives of those living in local communities.

Ava and Pejman Kharrazian Brian Kalmenson Yvette Hoffman and Steve Brink Christina Mercer and Mike Perlof
Claudia Sitta and Shannon Smith Dan Sperry and Laura Kwiatkowski Elena Mendenhall George Sharp and Annie Wyland
Haley Murphy Brittany deVoer and Lexi Deluca Heather Wiltshire Tim Hoss and Debbie Griffiths Isela and Barry Cooper with Elsa and James Castro
Jan and Don Lopez Jeff and Kelli Morin Jeff Morin Laurie Poole Richard Ybarra with Beckie and Rod Groenewold
Jeff Niles Diana Cuevas and John Campbell Jeremy and Cecilia Anding John Barnes Nathan Cornett Amy Green and William Hamilton
Jon and Teresa Wayne Karen and Richard Cremin with Diane Teter Kari and Kim Swanberg Bridgette Tabor and Kelly Mercado
Kim Holmes and Richard Ybarra Kristen Barnett Mimi Cortes and Samantha Portnoy Lenor Reese and Alexa Mitchell
Liz and Bill Hawkins Adela and Javier Gonzalez Lori Paul Dyanne Peters John Mac Dowell and Kimberly Lilley Lynn and Jeff Faller
Macy Faumuina and Lucia Gomez Michael Crites and Nancy Edwards Mike Scornsone Tiffany Kaldenbach Leanne Beck and Paola Scrimsher
Mirzet Veliz and Claudia Sitta Rafael Rosales Tulio Sibrian and Carlos Montalvo Richard Ybarra and Lenor Reese
Ryan Burrow Joanna Labahn and Rick Bridger Samantha Emig and Erin Fujioka Senaida Ellis with Don and Jan Lopez
Sheri Moulton Lisa Isaacson and Gigi Smith Stephanie Schnurr Richard Ybarra and Candace Shannon Steve Brink
Tammy Stewart and Matt Klock Thomas Henderson Tom Tamar and Eddie Suleiman Vickki and Joe Kozora
Yvette Hoffman and Brian Kalmenson    

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