Red Balloon

“Oh! The Places You’ll Go” was a fitting theme for Traveling Stories’ annual Red Balloon Awards dinner and gala. As they continue to help others steer themselves “in any direction they choose” by providing reading resources and support to over 3,500 children in San Diego, the organization took this opportunity to celebrate organizations and individuals who have contributed to this goal.

Andrew And Julie Behrens 19165 300 600 80 Andrew and Julie Behrens
David And Sarah Lopez 19166 300 600 80 David and Sarah Lopez
Julie And Michael Luther 19167 300 600 80 Julie and Michael Luther
Karen Lunt And Cynthia Pearson 19168 300 600 80 Karen Lunt and Cynthia Pearson
Kurt Brinkkord And Windus Fernandez Brinkkord With Eric And Becky Zebold 19169 300 600 80 Kurt Brinkkord and Windus Fernandez Brinkkord with Eric and Becky Zebold
Maryanne Carmack And Cherie Stephenson 19170 300 600 80 Maryanne Carmack and Cherie Stephenson
Meeschie Nguyen  Sarah Mammen  Emily And Bethany Moberly 19171 300 600 80 Meeschie Nguyen Sarah Mammen Emily and Bethany Moberly
Michael An Elaine LaRosa 19172 300 600 80 Michael an Elaine LaRosa
Michael And Christie Lawrence 19173 300 600 80 Michael and Christie Lawrence
Paul And Maya Ganey 19174 300 600 80 Paul and Maya Ganey
Rob Schupp And Joni Beals 19175 300 600 80 Rob Schupp and Joni Beals
Sanel Lekic And Neil Beyersdorf 19176 300 600 80 Sanel Lekic and Neil Beyersdorf
Teresa Dalton  Diana Baker And Julie Dunlap 19177 300 600 80 Teresa Dalton Diana Baker and Julie Dunlap

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