San Diego Mesa College’s most well know alumna was the host of the recent fundraising event held in Balboa Park to benefit students from San Diego Community College District. The lively affair allowed guests to meet Annette Bening in an intimate setting. Event sponsors included Cal Coast Credit Union, United Way of San Diego County and Sycuan, among others.

Ashanti Hands  Pam Luster And Star Rivera Lacey 23998 300 600 80 Ashanti Hands Pam Luster and Star Rivera Lacey
Chris And Cordelia Manis 23999 300 600 80 Chris and Cordelia Manis
Constance Carroll And Sheel Seidler 24000 300 600 80 Constance Carroll and Sheel Seidler
Councilwoman Barbara Bry And Bernie Rhinerson 24001 300 600 80 Councilwoman Barbara Bry and Bernie Rhinerson
Felicia And Wayne Brechtel With Claude Anthony And Deborah Marengo 24002 300 600 80 Felicia and Wayne Brechtel with Claude Anthony and Deborah Marengo
Lisa Kalal  Ian Gordon And Nancy Sasaki 24003 300 600 80 Lisa Kalal Ian Gordon and Nancy Sasaki
Marty Block And Leslie Devaney 24004 300 600 80 Marty Block and Leslie Devaney
Robert Scheid  Renee McKee  Annette Bening And Greg Cornell     24005 300 600 80 Robert Scheid Renee McKee Annette Bening and Greg Cornell
Rockette And Rob Ewell 24006 300 600 80 Rockette and Rob Ewell
Stephanie Bulger  Laura Martin And Christina Della Coletta 24007 300 600 80 Stephanie Bulger Laura Martin and Christina Della Coletta

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