Dr. Gary Weitzman, President and CEO of San Diego Humane Society, held a special cocktail reception recognizing donors for their extraordinary generosity. Since 1880, San Diego Humane society has provided vital services to animals and people by sheltering and adopting animals, providing positive reinforcement training classes, investigating animal cruelty and neglect, presenting education programs for youth and adults, and much more.

Beverly And George Coles  Debra Patterson And Phil Pace 19027 300 600 80 Beverly and George Coles Debra Patterson and Phil Pace
Brenda And Andrew Dale 19028 300 600 80 Brenda and Andrew Dale
Caren Folbre And Brian Daugherty 19029 300 600 80 Caren Folbre and Brian Daugherty
Gary Weitzman And Carol Clark 19030 300 600 80 Gary Weitzman and Carol Clark
Jessica DesLauriers  Diane Gilabert  Cynthia Mitchell And Julianna Tetlow 19031 300 600 80 Jessica DesLauriers Diane Gilabert Cynthia Mitchell and Julianna Tetlow
Katherine Shenar  Colleen Blackmore Reilly And Michelle Quigley 19032 300 600 80 Katherine Shenar Colleen Blackmore Reilly and Michelle Quigley
Ken Cohen  Elena Salsitz And Michael Bund 19033 300 600 80 Ken Cohen Elena Salsitz and Michael Bund
Lori Blanski  Walter Singleton And Ann Walker 19034 300 600 80 Lori Blanski Walter Singleton and Ann Walker
Ronnie Davenport  Rene Mckee And Robert Scheid 19035 300 600 80 Ronnie Davenport Rene Mckee and Robert Scheid

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