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Hosted by the San Diego American Indian Health Center, the 30th Annual Balboa Park Pow Wow was a cultural spectacular that celebrated the heritage and traditions of American Indians. Participants from many American Indian Tribes, bands and communities took part in the two-day event held in Balboa Park. Attendees enjoyed entertainment including traditional Bird Singers, Native American dancers, vendors and traditional foods.

American Indian Drummers 22735 300 600 80 American Indian Drummers
Ayasha And Tachi Loya 22736 300 600 80 Ayasha and Tachi Loya
Christina Coy And Ernie Whitecloud 22737 300 600 80 Christina Coy and Ernie Whitecloud
Christine Castillo And Selena 22738 300 600 80 Christine Castillo and Selena
Daniela Robles  Diane Hoang And Amanda Rosas 22739 300 600 80 Daniela Robles Diane Hoang and Amanda Rosas
Darin Craw  Paula Brim  Lisa Mann And Joe Bulfer 22740 300 600 80 Darin Craw Paula Brim Lisa Mann and Joe Bulfer
Miss Sycuan Emily Sierra And Saginaw Grant 22741 300 600 80 Miss Sycuan Emily Sierra and Saginaw Grant
Randy Edmonds And Vic Chavez 22742 300 600 80 Randy Edmonds and Vic Chavez
Richard Parker And Ronnie Ruby 22743 300 600 80 Richard Parker and Ronnie Ruby
San Diego American Indian Health Center Pow Wow 22744 300 600 80 San Diego American Indian Health Center Pow Wow
Stephanie Heimback And Chris Red Crow 22745 300 600 80 Stephanie Heimback and Chris Red Crow
Tomas  Ricardo And Adrian 22746 300 600 80 Tomas Ricardo and Adrian

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