Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Northwest recently celebrated 54 years of tireless efforts to educate, advocate, and care for health rights. The anniversary dinner emphasized the importance of maintaining their mission and necessary funding while also making sure to thank those who have continuously supported the important cause that is healing women across the region and the country.

1500 People 17843 175 125 100 1500 people Alicia Carner  Annya Bueno And Annie Sawyer 17844 175 125 100 Alicia Carner Annya Bueno and Annie Sawyer Alison Glader  Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer  Sandy McDonough And Diane End 17845 175 125 100 Alison Glader Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer Sandy McDonough and Diane End
Ana Melgoza And Maria Carriedo Ceniceros 17846 175 125 100 Ana Melgoza and Maria Carriedo Ceniceros Anne  Dalal  Steve And Grace Dhanens 17847 175 125 100 Anne Dalal Steve and Grace Dhanens Jennifer Luce  David Guss And Susanne Lodl 17848 175 125 100 Jennifer Luce David Guss and Susanne Lodl
Joyce Gattas  Stacy Rosenberg And Martha Dennis 17849 175 125 100 Joyce Gattas Stacy Rosenberg and Martha Dennis Kristin Housh And Elena Acevedo Dalcourt 17850 175 125 100 Kristin Housh and Elena Acevedo Dalcourt Laura Farmer Sherman And Mayor Mary Salas 17851 175 125 100 Laura Farmer Sherman and Mayor Mary Salas
Lisa Walters Hoffert  Amy Corton And Elizabeth Romero 17852 175 125 100 Lisa Walters Hoffert Amy Corton and Elizabeth Romero Lucy Loughridge  Tracy Scaddan And Lily Loughridge 17853 175 125 100 Lucy Loughridge Tracy Scaddan and Lily Loughridge Marisa Brown  Amy Driebe And Kim Smith 17854 175 125 100 Marisa Brown Amy Driebe and Kim Smith
Michael Hopkins And Matthew Loonin 17855 175 125 100 Michael Hopkins and Matthew Loonin Michelle Luneau  Alex Zaragoza And Shawna Ghafouri 17856 175 125 100 Michelle Luneau Alex Zaragoza and Shawna Ghafouri Nick Anas And Ashley Harrington 17857 175 125 100 Nick Anas and Ashley Harrington
Shauna Riley  Arlene Prater And Paul Amon 17858 175 125 100 Shauna Riley Arlene Prater and Paul Amon Sue Kalish And Nora Gaffe 17859 175 125 100 Sue Kalish and Nora Gaffe Susana Flaster  Bobbie Gilbert  Hilary Watchler  Dara Johnson And Carl Eibl 17860 175 125 100 Susana Flaster Bobbie Gilbert Hilary Watchler Dara Johnson and Carl Eibl
Therese Fazio  Linda Katz  Nora Vargas And Ellen Shuck 17861 175 125 100 Therese Fazio Linda Katz Nora Vargas and Ellen Shuck    

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