The Patrons of the Prado Gala "Masquerade in the Park" was extraordinarily successful. Their efforts, along with the support of the members, donors and community partners, made it possible to financially enrich the Bucks4Buses program which benefits disadvantaged students, from under-resourced schools that may have never experienced a Museum or Science Center.

Cindy Goodman  Margaret Dudas And Judy Gradwohl 23956 300 600 80 Cindy Goodman Margaret Dudas and Judy Gradwohl
Judy Burer With Jon And Merridee Book 23957 300 600 80 Judy Burer with Jon and Merridee Book
Kathleen Lundgren And Marilyn Miles 23958 300 600 80 Kathleen Lundgren and Marilyn Miles
Mathew Lundgren  Molly Tranbaugh With Kathleen And Ken Lundgren 23959 300 600 80 Mathew Lundgren Molly Tranbaugh with Kathleen and Ken Lundgren
Micki Olin  Deborah Klochko And Ellen Bryson 23960 300 600 80 Micki Olin Deborah Klochko and Ellen Bryson
Micki Olin  Kathryn Vaughn And Clarice Perkins 23961 300 600 80 Micki Olin Kathryn Vaughn and Clarice Perkins
Nayda Locke And Jan Reital 23962 300 600 80 Nayda Locke and Jan Reital
Nayda Locke  Gloria McCoy And Kristi Pieper 23963 300 600 80 Nayda Locke Gloria McCoy and Kristi Pieper
Patti Judd And Clarice Perkins 23964 300 600 80 Patti Judd and Clarice Perkins
Richard Esgate  Stephen Wheeler And Bob Salt 23965 300 600 80 Richard Esgate Stephen Wheeler and Bob Salt
Roxi Link  Merridee Book  Cici Stanley And Charlotte Rand 23966 300 600 80 Roxi Link Merridee Book Cici Stanley and Charlotte Rand
Stacey Loomis  Reena Horowitz And Jeane Jones 23967 300 600 80 Stacey Loomis Reena Horowitz and Jeane Jones
Stephen Miles Jr. And Arlene Esgate 23968 300 600 80 Stephen Miles Jr. and Arlene Esgate
Betty Brayshay And Dee Ammon 23969 300 600 80 Betty Brayshay and Dee Ammon
Christina Jordan  Lynne Doyle And Nancie Geller 23970 300 600 80 Christina Jordan Lynne Doyle and Nancie Geller
Christy Billings And Stephanie Brown 23971 300 600 80 Christy Billings and Stephanie Brown

Photo Credit: Rosario Heer

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