Feeding San Diego

Feeding San Diego’s Pairings with a Purpose artfully paired delicious food prepared by award-winning chefs with the finest local beer and wine. All proceeds were donated to the organization’s efforts to help provide hunger relief, nutrition programs, as well as hundreds of thousands of meals to those in need. The evening was a festive event enjoyed by all in attendance.

Bill Rodewald And Will Creagan 17883 300 600 80 Bill Rodewald and Will Creagan
Brent And Beckette Williams 17884 300 600 80 Brent and Beckette Williams
Cass And Michael Husted 17885 300 600 80 Cass and Michael Husted
Christina Peralta And Barbara Calabria 17886 300 600 80 Christina Peralta and Barbara Calabria
Corrie Martin  Denise Wheeler And Kelly Cummings 17887 300 600 80 Corrie Martin Denise Wheeler and Kelly Cummings
Denis Bermette  Kyle Juday  Shannon Lees And Mike Myers 17888 300 600 80 Denis Bermette Kyle Juday Shannon Lees and Mike Myers
Jason  Luke And Bianca Waiton 17889 300 600 80 Jason Luke and Bianca Waiton
Julie And Todd Stanley 17890 300 600 80 Julie and Todd Stanley
Laura Zack And Terri Rodewald 17891 300 600 80 Laura Zack and Terri Rodewald
Lynne And Chris Nero With Marina Pastor 17892 300 600 80 Lynne and Chris Nero with Marina Pastor
Melinda Grabitt And Michelle Dewez 17893 300 600 80 Melinda Grabitt and Michelle Dewez
Michelle And Ari Schauder 17894 300 600 80 Michelle and Ari Schauder
Paul Thomas  Keith Cunningham And Jesse Williams 17895 300 600 80 Paul Thomas Keith Cunningham and Jesse Williams
Seth And Jordan Belitsky  Lindsey Tuer And Mark Peppler 17896 300 600 80 Seth and Jordan Belitsky Lindsey Tuer and Mark Peppler
Susan Duffy And Patty O   Connor 17897 300 600 80 Susan Duffy and Patty O Connor

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