Feeding America Tennis

Feeding America San Diego held Pairings with a Purpose, an afternoon of culinary competition with San Diego’s finest chefs and breweries, uniting against hunger in San Diego. Each chef and brewery duo collaborated to create a special pairing of food and beer. Guests voted on their favorite pairing while enjoying live music and contests.

15A1745 Al and Rebecca Brislain Corina Kitchen Kersten Levine Carrie Meyer and Denise W
Debra and Jason Zinn Jennifer Dawson Young Larking and Nen Ingersoll Jenny Brusco Young Larking and Nen Ingersoll
Juan and Jen Trevino with Lindsey Pigott and Chris Silver Leon Matthews and Emily Smith Mary Knight and Robyn Stuhr
Mike and Diane End Patricia Vaz and Sean Wazlaw Sandra and Melinda Gravitt
Tai and Sarah Navares with Jacob Ross and Jenna Demichele Taylor Leopold and Tenley Molzahn Travis and Stacy Alegria
Tyson Rachel and Jess Crawford    

Photograohed by: Beata Pevny

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