A new residential experience was presented at the Pacific Gate Open House Event. Attendees had the opportunity to view firsthand the Super Prime Building in Downtown San Diego. From the landscaped motor court and street-level pedestrian entrance which are the epitome of convenience, to the lavish resident’s lounge and the relaxing pool terrace, residents and their guests were treated to a unique afternoon with never ending views of the bay and city.

Adriana Fink And Patricia Figueredo 22597 300 600 80 Adriana Fink and Patricia Figueredo
Barbara Santarossa And Brian Krause 22598 300 600 80 Barbara Santarossa and Brian Krause
Dana Pardee And Joe Zagara 22599 300 600 80 Dana Pardee and Joe Zagara
Enjoying The Building 22600 300 600 80 Enjoying the building
Felicia And Barry Khor 22601 300 600 80 Felicia and Barry Khor
Francis Contreras And Angie De Caro 22602 300 600 80 Francis Contreras and Angie De Caro
Glen And Julie Arellano 22603 300 600 80 Glen and Julie Arellano
Jazbi Moezzi  Shahnaz Rasteger And Cristi Chaquica 22604 300 600 80 Jazbi Moezzi Shahnaz Rasteger and Cristi Chaquica
Kara Cardinale And Vijay Hingorni 22605 300 600 80 Kara Cardinale and Vijay Hingorni
Kathy Krainock And Jessica Garcia 22606 300 600 80 Kathy Krainock and Jessica Garcia
Martine Andre And Monika Nochisaki 22607 300 600 80 Martine Andre and Monika Nochisaki
Ron Rooney And Carlo Menor 22608 300 600 80 Ron Rooney and Carlo Menor
Sandy Johnson  Jim Cox And Carly Maduza 22609 300 600 80 Sandy Johnson Jim Cox and Carly Maduza

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