Options For All creates and supports opportunities for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, work and enjoy life with dignity and respect. Their Film & Media Studio program recently hosted a Showcase at SDSU. Not only does the program allow participants to develop necessary skills for the film & media industry, it allows them to find employment!

Alisa Dean  Myles Horttor And Kellye Buchanan 24652 300 600 80 Alisa Dean Myles Horttor and Kellye Buchanan
Brandan Kelly With Jo And Elias Arazi 24653 300 600 80 Brandan Kelly with Jo and Elias Arazi
Joshua David Sierra  Alejandro Martin Del Campo De Dominici And Ludovico R. Estrada 24654 300 600 80 Joshua David Sierra Alejandro Martin del Campo de Dominici and Ludovico R. Estrada
Little Theatre 24655 300 600 80 Little Theatre
Meghan Christian And Nancy Batterman 24656 300 600 80 Meghan Christian and Nancy Batterman
Seth Reyes  Ashley Baough And Alan Brockington 24657 300 600 80 Seth Reyes Ashley Baough and Alan Brockington
Vincenzo Tarantino  Joey Travolta And David Drazenovich 24658 300 600 80 Vincenzo Tarantino Joey Travolta and David Drazenovich

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