2017 Nice Guy of the Year, Peter Seidler, won the recognition honoring his devotion to helping others through his leadership service. The award was presented by the Nice Guys of San Diego, a volunteer-based non-profit organization. This year’s funds will be donated to Lucky Duck, Rady Children’s Hospital Mental Health, and San Diego Padres RBI program.

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Amanda Crespo  Karina And Dan Spinazzola And Kiani Mills 20676 300 600 80 Amanda Crespo Karina and Dan Spinazzola and Kiani Mills
Brian Strick And Chris Marullo 20677 300 600 80 Brian Strick and Chris Marullo
Denny Sanford And Tyree Dillingham 20678 300 600 80 Denny Sanford and Tyree Dillingham
Evan And Alexandra Loker 20679 300 600 80 Evan and Alexandra Loker
Jean Wickersham And Donald Kearns 20680 300 600 80 Jean Wickersham and Donald Kearns
John And Phyllis Parrish With Gary Sage 20681 300 600 80 John and Phyllis Parrish with Gary Sage
Katherine Stuart And Mayor Kevin Faulconer 20682 300 600 80 Katherine Stuart and Mayor Kevin Faulconer
Kevin And Jolane Crawford  Tamara Lafarga Joseph And Roger Joseph 20683 300 600 80 Kevin and Jolane Crawford Tamara Lafarga Joseph and Roger Joseph
Kristi And Dick Pfister 20684 300 600 80 Kristi and Dick Pfister
Linda O   Connell  Karolyn Dale  Marla And Larry Black 20685 300 600 80 Linda O Connell Karolyn Dale Marla and Larry Black
Major Tom Sowers  Neil O   Connell And Commander Michael Roberts 20686 300 600 80 Major Tom Sowers Neil O Connell and Commander Michael Roberts
Marco And Martha McKinnon 20687 300 600 80 Marco and Martha McKinnon
Maureen Sage  Barbie Spinazzola And Dee Ammon 20688 300 600 80 Maureen Sage Barbie Spinazzola and Dee Ammon
Penny Rosso With Jeffrey And Sandra Schafer 20689 300 600 80 Penny Rosso with Jeffrey and Sandra Schafer
Peter And Sheel Seidler  Gunnery Sergeant Hugh Wurts  Todd And Debbie Carlson 20690 300 600 80 Peter and Sheel Seidler Gunnery Sergeant Hugh Wurts Todd and Debbie Carlson
Phil And Amanda Keith 20691 300 600 80 Phil and Amanda Keith
Phylicia Cicalo Aiken And Joseph Aiken 20692 300 600 80 Phylicia Cicalo Aiken and Joseph Aiken
Rebecca And Mitch Mitchell 20693 300 600 80 Rebecca and Mitch Mitchell
Scott And Shakha Gillin With Vishakha And Eric Geigler 20694 300 600 80 Scott and Shakha Gillin with Vishakha and Eric Geigler
Teresa Castiglione  Brad Benter And Kim Martin 20695 300 600 80 Teresa Castiglione Brad Benter and Kim Martin
Walid And Brigitte Romaya 20696 300 600 80 Walid and Brigitte Romaya

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