Ted And Jeanne Roth Jean Wickersham And Donald Kearns

Nice Guys is a charitable organization that provides assistance to individuals and families in need within the San Diego community. Their goal is to help them get back on their feet and restore their quality of life. This year’s 39th annual celebratory event recognized the efforts they have made and was attended by a great variety of leaders from all over the county.


Nice Guys es una organización de caridad que ofrece asistencia a personas y familias necesitadas de la comunidad de San Diego. Su objetivo es el de ayudarlos a recuperar su calidad de vida. Este año, su 39° evento anual, brindó un reconocimiento a los esfuerzos realizados y contó con la presencia de una gran cantidad de líderes de todo el condado.

Bill And Amy Koman 24909 300 600 80 Bill and Amy Koman
Brad And Gigi Benter With Jon Ammon 24910 300 600 80 Brad and Gigi Benter with Jon Ammon
Brad And Gigi Benter 24911 300 600 80 Brad and Gigi Benter
Dan And Barbie Spinazzola With Michele And Rupert Linley 24912 300 600 80 Dan and Barbie Spinazzola with Michele and Rupert Linley
Patti And Randy Wagner 24913 300 600 80 Patti and Randy Wagner
Steve Jennings And Megan Parker 24914 300 600 80 Steve Jennings and Megan Parker
Ted And Jeanne Roth  Jean Wickersham And Donald Kearns 24915 300 600 80 Ted and Jeanne Roth Jean Wickersham and Donald Kearns
Gwynn And Brian Thomas 24916 300 600 80 Gwynn and Brian Thomas
Adam Day And Sheriff Bill Gore 25072 300 600 80 Adam Day and Sheriff Bill Gore
Bert Hudgins And Acacia Friedman 25073 300 600 80 Bert Hudgins and Acacia Friedman
Dee Ammon And Kristy Gregg 25074 300 600 80 Dee Ammon and Kristy Gregg
Jamie Lamorandier  Debra Reed  Mark And Katie Klages 25075 300 600 80 Jamie Lamorandier Debra Reed Mark and Katie Klages
Joey Becker And Kristen Clinkscales 25076 300 600 80 Joey Becker and Kristen Clinkscales
Judy Bartolotta And Father Joe Carroll 25077 300 600 80 Judy Bartolotta and Father Joe Carroll
Maegan And James McGuirk 25078 300 600 80 Maegan and James McGuirk
Matt And Lauren Rattner 25079 300 600 80 Matt and Lauren Rattner
Mayor Kevin Faulconer  Katherine Stuart Faulconer  Gwynn And Brian Thomas 25080 300 600 80 Mayor Kevin Faulconer Katherine Stuart Faulconer Gwynn and Brian Thomas
Natalie And Jeff Grant With Patsy Samson 25081 300 600 80 Natalie and Jeff Grant with Patsy Samson
Quentin Smith And Virginia Franklin 25082 300 600 80 Quentin Smith and Virginia Franklin
Sueann And Robert Park 25083 300 600 80 Sueann and Robert Park
Terry Koehler And Bonnie MacVaugh 25084 300 600 80 Terry Koehler and Bonnie MacVaugh
Tim And Katie Fermanian 25085 300 600 80 Tim and Katie Fermanian

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