Rafael Fernández de Castro, director of Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies at UCSD, alongside Manager of Community Affairs & Grassroots for Southwest Airlines, Lidia S. Martinez, hosted a grand opening for the exhibition of works by Latino artists on loan from the Gilberto Cardenas Collection of Latino Art, the largest private collection of Latino art in the world.

Arnulfo Manriquez And Alondra Alvarado 22798 300 600 80 Arnulfo Manriquez and Alondra Alvarado
Berenice Zamaro And Cynthia Davalos 22799 300 600 80 Berenice Zamaro and Cynthia Davalos
Dolores Garcia And Gilberto Cardenas 22800 300 600 80 Dolores Garcia and Gilberto Cardenas
Ines Gonzales And Ted Martinez Jr. 22801 300 600 80 Ines Gonzales and Ted Martinez Jr.
Lidia S. Martinez  Maria Echaveste And Rafael Fernandez De Castro 22802 300 600 80 Lidia S. Martinez Maria Echaveste and Rafael Fernandez de Castro
Mery Lopez Gallo And Monsignor Pedro Lopez Gallo 22803 300 600 80 Mery Lopez Gallo and Monsignor Pedro Lopez Gallo
Patti And Richard Chavez 22804 300 600 80 Patti and Richard Chavez
Rafael Fernandez De Castro And Lidia S. Martinez 22805 300 600 80 Rafael Fernandez de Castro and Lidia S. Martinez
Roberto Vega And Sandra Pacheco 22806 300 600 80 Roberto Vega and Sandra Pacheco

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