Fashionably dressed guests donned attire inspired by the beloved character Holly Golightly for Miracle Babies’ Breakfast at Tiffany’s fundraiser. The event was put on by the organization’s Miracle Circle, an influential group of supporters who serve as ambassadors to advocate on behalf of the group’s mission to help families with babies who have been born prematurely or with medical conditions.

Gigi Benter And Teresa Castiglione 21621 300 600 80 Gigi Benter and Teresa Castiglione
Jessie Pacheco  Julie Gomez And Maria Wegener 21622 300 600 80 Jessie Pacheco Julie Gomez and Maria Wegener
Ladan Mortazavi  Brittany Hahn And Marjan Daneshmand 21623 300 600 80 Ladan Mortazavi Brittany Hahn and Marjan Daneshmand
MJ Wittman  Susanne Rohrbaugh And Esther Rodriguez 21624 300 600 80 MJ Wittman Susanne Rohrbaugh and Esther Rodriguez
Robert And Ashley Improta 21625 300 600 80 Robert and Ashley Improta

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