Joset Grenon And Sue Hart

KPBS is a public service of San Diego State University that is dedicated to providing access to news, television and music programming for the community. This month, they hosted their Campaign Milestone Celebration which recognized the support they have garnered to continue providing these invaluable services to the San Diego community for years to come.


KPBS es un servicio p├║blico de la Universidad Estatal de San Diego que se dedica a brindar a la comunidad acceso a las noticias, televisi├│n y programas musicales. Este mes realizaron su Campaign Milestone Celebration, donde se brinda un reconocimiento a quienes los apoyan en esta tarea de ofrecer invalorables servicios a la comunidad de San Diego.

Joset Grenon And Sue Hart 24830 300 600 80 Joset Grenon and Sue Hart
Larry And Carol Gartner 24831 300 600 80 Larry and Carol Gartner
Patrick Hanson And Jim Corrigan 24832 300 600 80 Patrick Hanson and Jim Corrigan
Vince Petronzio And Julie Karlo 24833 300 600 80 Vince Petronzio and Julie Karlo
Betty David And Jerri Hunt 24962 300 600 80 Betty David and Jerri Hunt
Dennis And Susan Cook With Rik Floyd 24963 300 600 80 Dennis and Susan Cook with Rik Floyd
Joan Wolfe  Nancy Worlie  Kim Godwin And Tom Wilcox 24964 300 600 80 Joan Wolfe Nancy Worlie Kim Godwin and Tom Wilcox
Julia Brown And Alex Kim 24965 300 600 80 Julia Brown and Alex Kim
Marie Cotton And Joset Grenon 24966 300 600 80 Marie Cotton and Joset Grenon
Steve Boner And Vince Petronzio 24967 300 600 80 Steve Boner and Vince Petronzio
Tom Wilcox  Kim Godwin  Jim Allison And Tom Karlo 24968 300 600 80 Tom Wilcox Kim Godwin Jim Allison and Tom Karlo

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