Mariachi Festival

Guests celebrated the beauty, passion and pageantry of Mexican culture with some of Mexico’s greatest artists! The Ballet Folklórico from the University of Guadalajara and Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlán, Symphonic Mariachi Champaña Nevin, the Orquesta de Baja California and the San Diego Binational Symphony Orchestra all came together for an unforgettable evening of traditional and classical Mexican music and dance. Proceeds benefitted the Mariachi Scholarship Foundation.

Alejandro Martinez  Migdalia Rivera And Jose Amando Ronstadt 19364 300 600 80 Alejandro Martinez Migdalia Rivera and Jose Amando Ronstadt
Alfonso Morfin And Luis Ivan Morfin Avila 19365 300 600 80 Alfonso Morfin and Luis Ivan Morfin Avila
Consul Marcela Celorio And Lidia S. Martinez 19366 300 600 80 Consul Marcela Celorio and Lidia S. Martinez
Elena Corral  Mery Lopez Gallo And Luisa McCarthy 19367 300 600 80 Elena Corral Mery Lopez Gallo and Luisa McCarthy
Elsa Sevilla Nellie Andrade 19368 300 600 80 Elsa Sevilla Nellie Andrade
Laura And Franz Reinert 19369 300 600 80 Laura and Franz Reinert
Linda And Mario Sierra 19370 300 600 80 Linda and Mario Sierra
Melina Martinez  Ted Martinez Jr.  Lidia S. Martinez And Fernando Daiello 19371 300 600 80 Melina Martinez Ted Martinez Jr. Lidia S. Martinez and Fernando Daiello
Monica Orozco  Maru Cham  Olga Trujillo And Berenice Zamaro 19372 300 600 80 Monica Orozco Maru Cham Olga Trujillo and Berenice Zamaro
Myrna Contreras  Pilar De La Torre  Lucia Lupercio And Jesica Hlevasko 19373 300 600 80 Myrna Contreras Pilar de la Torre Lucia Lupercio and Jesica Hlevasko
Silvia Lugo And Robert Griego 19374 300 600 80 Silvia Lugo and Robert Griego
Ted Martinez Jr. And Lidia S. Martinez 19375 300 600 80 Ted Martinez Jr. and Lidia S. Martinez

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