Sd History Makers

The Makers of San Diego History Annual Gala honoring The Jewish Community of San Diego was a memorable evening. The San Diego History Center highlighted their contributions to modern day San Diego by previewing To the Ends of the World: The Jews of San Diego and an enjoying informative and humorous presentation by Joellyn Zollman. Has anyone seen a seaweed mattress around?

Bernie And Heidi Blotner With Liz And John Morrell 18655 300 600 80 Bernie and Heidi Blotner with Liz and John Morrell
Blake Vanderwiel And Jaclyn Goldbaum 18656 300 600 80 Blake Vanderwiel and Jaclyn Goldbaum
Bob Rubenstein And Marie Raftery 18657 300 600 80 Bob Rubenstein and Marie Raftery
Bram And Sandra Digkstra With Margie And John Warner 18658 300 600 80 Bram and Sandra Digkstra with Margie and John Warner
Chris Phillips And Terry Jordan 18659 300 600 80 Chris Phillips and Terry Jordan
Denise And Tony Yousif 18660 300 600 80 Denise and Tony Yousif
Don And Kathryn Vaughn 18661 300 600 80 Don and Kathryn Vaughn
History Makers 18662 300 600 80 History Makers
Joellyn And Ron Zollman 18663 300 600 80 Joellyn and Ron Zollman
John Reichel  JJ Fetter  Marnie Barnhorst With Linda And Lou Levy 18664 300 600 80 John Reichel JJ Fetter Marnie Barnhorst with Linda and Lou Levy
Josh And Rahil Swigart 18665 300 600 80 Josh and Rahil Swigart
Laura Maio  Lisa Gelbart And Sharon Wax 18666 300 600 80 Laura Maio Lisa Gelbart and Sharon Wax
Michael Hopkins  David Zeligson And James Lu 18667 300 600 80 Michael Hopkins David Zeligson and James Lu
Nikolas And Kristen Parrish With Britny And Tony Camacho 18668 300 600 80 Nikolas and Kristen Parrish with Britny and Tony Camacho
San Diego History Makers 18669 300 600 80 San Diego History Makers
Sharleen Wollach With David And Claire Ellman 18670 300 600 80 Sharleen Wollach with David and Claire Ellman
Shlomo Caspi  David Wax And Jay Gelbart 18671 300 600 80 Shlomo Caspi David Wax and Jay Gelbart
Sue Raffee And Phyllis Epstein 18672 300 600 80 Sue Raffee and Phyllis Epstein
Tom And Julie Karlo With Debi And Bob Kelly 18673 300 600 80 Tom and Julie Karlo with Debi and Bob Kelly

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