Mothers and Daughters Club Assisting Philanthropies (MADCAPS) celebrated 56 years of community service with its annual benefit show. This signature fundraising event provides financial support to dozens of local charities. Presented by 250 mothers and their 7th-12th grade daughters from the Point Loma, Ocean Beach, Mission Hills and Hillcrest areas, this three-day event is always a huge success.

7th Graders 11th Graders Avery Batliner Hadley Lugash Maddie Wozniak Carlin McKein and Simone Cobb
Casey Hall Landers Lily Arrington and Michaela Berenson Elisa Silva Sage Simms Kaiulani Williams and Kaya Neirner Janine Knickerbocker Charlie Ekstrom and Sophie Kay
Jesse May and Nicole May Jessie May Malia Humphry Brooke Young Ella Peter and Rana Willink Justine and Gianna Gibson
Kara Schafer Diana Thale Sophia DeFabrizio Caroline Ayres and Lydia Sandy Kylie Hastings Mimi Weisenberg Charlotte Egan Avalon Smith and Hannah Littlefield Maili Lampe Tatum Smith Ruby Hagin and Britt Heramb
Marina McClane Ella Godinez Ana Sabacool and Malorie Wright McKenzie Caffo Mia Stuart Grace Tatter and Katie Stone Megan Rodi Gilli Weinstein Lindsey Buckner and Macy Kalla
Natalie Volle Moorea Makis Sophia Keller and Vivian Loer Nicole Keeney Glynis Merriman and Emma Moore Sofie Russos and Gaby Chinman
Taylor Storniolo Lia Katz Taryn Gutierrez Mia Sullivan and Lauren Justus Vali Remley Jenna Kuhlken Lauren Faulconer Abby Tadder Olivia Van Dockun  

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