Guests from both sides of the border came to M Winehouse in Little Italy to taste the best wines from Mexico. Owner Ruth Melero welcomed attendees to the most charming wine bar in San Diego. This special tasting was one of the regular events featuring different vintners form the region.

Ben Boni And Ariana Tabing 17084 300 600 80 Ben Boni and Ariana Tabing
Christine And Ian Van Tuil 17085 300 600 80 Christine and Ian Van Tuil
Enna Saffos And Connor Long 17086 300 600 80 Enna Saffos and Connor Long
Ivan Santos And Regina Griffing 17087 300 600 80 Ivan Santos and Regina Griffing
Jules Wilson  Juan Pasalagua And Susanne Jones 17088 300 600 80 Jules Wilson Juan Pasalagua and Susanne Jones
Karla And Paul Hastings 17089 300 600 80 Karla and Paul Hastings
Keiko Nishikawa And Paola Amador 17090 300 600 80 Keiko Nishikawa and Paola Amador
Pauli Ramirez  Laurel Stewart  Liz Hudler And Fadi Nicolas 17091 300 600 80 Pauli Ramirez Laurel Stewart Liz Hudler and Fadi Nicolas
Ruth Melero And Jose Burand 17092 300 600 80 Ruth Melero and Jose Burand
Todd And Karla Preece 17093 300 600 80 Todd and Karla Preece


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