Lynch Foundation

Lynch Foundation for Children is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for the fight to prevent child sex trafficking. Honorary chairs Mayor Kevin Faulconer, District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, Sheriff Bill Gore, and Chief Deputy D.A. Summer Stephan along with San Diego’s best and brightest business, community, and philanthropic leaders joined in the inaugural benefit dinner presented by Sycuan and Hornblower Cruises and Events.

Alyssa Grasso And Mike Foster 18074 300 600 80 Alyssa Grasso and Mike Foster
Ben And Nikki Clay 18075 300 600 80 Ben and Nikki Clay
Dan And Barbie Spinazolla With Kelly And Laurie Burt 18076 300 600 80 Dan and Barbie Spinazolla with Kelly and Laurie Burt
Dan And Barbie Spinazzola 18077 300 600 80 Dan and Barbie Spinazzola
Debbie Sherman And Courtney Kobey 18078 300 600 80 Debbie Sherman and Courtney Kobey
District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis And Sheriff Bill Gore 18079 300 600 80 District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and Sheriff Bill Gore
Joshua Muse  Senator Tony Atkins And Adam Day   18080 300 600 80 Joshua Muse Senator Tony Atkins and Adam Day
Kathy And Kenny Alameda 18081 300 600 80 Kathy and Kenny Alameda
Marina Camarillo And Suzi Day 18082 300 600 80 Marina Camarillo and Suzi Day
Mayor Kevin Faulconer And Katherine Stuart Faulconer 18083 300 600 80 Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Katherine Stuart Faulconer
Mike Staples And Julie Gildred 18084 300 600 80 Mike Staples and Julie Gildred
Priscilla Muse  Amber Fields And Christina Camacho 18085 300 600 80 Priscilla Muse Amber Fields and Christina Camacho
Sandy Redman And Jeff Mueller 18086 300 600 80 Sandy Redman and Jeff Mueller
Tom And Cookie Sudberry 18087 300 600 80 Tom and Cookie Sudberry
William And Lynelle Lynch 18088 300 600 80 William and Lynelle Lynch

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