Lions Of Judah

Exemplary philanthropist and established businesswoman Jane Weitzman served as the perfect speaker at the Lions of Judah Luncheon. The Jewish Foundation of San Diego County showed their appreciation for the female philanthropists who have made a significant contribution to their annual campaign with an elegant event honoring their efforts.

Andrea Feinswog  Jane Weitzman  Shana Lew And Naomi Harris 17610 300 600 80 Andrea Feinswog Jane Weitzman Shana Lew and Naomi Harris
Andrea Oster And Deborah Carnick 17611 300 600 80 Andrea Oster and Deborah Carnick
Carole Vince And Florence Zahn 17612 300 600 80 Carole Vince and Florence Zahn
Debbi Deverett  Juli Bear And Gina Guertin 17613 300 600 80 Debbi Deverett Juli Bear and Gina Guertin
Karen Kogut And Michael Sonduck 17614 300 600 80 Karen Kogut and Michael Sonduck
Marge Katleman And Alberta Feurzeig 17615 300 600 80 Marge Katleman and Alberta Feurzeig
Marie Raftery And Bob Rubenstein 17616 300 600 80 Marie Raftery and Bob Rubenstein
Marjory Kaplan And Dottie Winter 17617 300 600 80 Marjory Kaplan and Dottie Winter
Marlene Recht  Nicole Saloner And Kira Finkenberg 17618 300 600 80 Marlene Recht Nicole Saloner and Kira Finkenberg
Melanie Spiegelman And Olga Worm 17619 300 600 80 Melanie Spiegelman and Olga Worm
Sally Maizel And Fanny Wellman 17620 300 600 80 Sally Maizel and Fanny Wellman
Shirley Pidgeon  Bobbi Warren And Marge Kalmanson 17621 300 600 80 Shirley Pidgeon Bobbi Warren and Marge Kalmanson
Silvana Christy And Sylvia Geffen 17622 300 600 80 Silvana Christy and Sylvia Geffen

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