Life Perspectives is an organization that helps individuals and families overcome the difficult times they face due to a miscarriage or abortion. They provide life-changings resources, tools and training to assist those affected by these reproductive issues and their family members to help them cope with their grief. Recently, they hosted an evening of inspiration at the Prado in Balboa Park where they welcomed special guest Bishop Dolan.

Bill Geppert And Charlene Pryor 22687 300 600 80 Bill Geppert and Charlene Pryor
Bishop John Dolan  Patty Garczynski  Jodi Kennedy And Michaelene Fredenburg 22688 300 600 80 Bishop John Dolan Patty Garczynski Jodi Kennedy and Michaelene Fredenburg
Bob And Dana Siegel 22689 300 600 80 Bob and Dana Siegel
Carol Porter And Gayle McMahon 22690 300 600 80 Carol Porter and Gayle McMahon
Jessica Zemple  Renee Roth And Bill Geppert 22691 300 600 80 Jessica Zemple Renee Roth and Bill Geppert
Jessica Zemple  Steve Andrade And Katie Geppert 22692 300 600 80 Jessica Zemple Steve Andrade and Katie Geppert
John And Susan Townsend 22693 300 600 80 John and Susan Townsend
Kelley Vacheron  Claire Reiss And Holly Carney 22694 300 600 80 Kelley Vacheron Claire Reiss and Holly Carney
Margot Kyd And Linda Jeffries 22695 300 600 80 Margot Kyd and Linda Jeffries
Robert And Tram Moser With Father Michael Murphy And Ken Peters 22696 300 600 80 Robert and Tram Moser with Father Michael Murphy and Ken Peters
Tanya Flores  Ben Montoya And Tricia Lewis 22697 300 600 80 Tanya Flores Ben Montoya and Tricia Lewis
Tom And Margot Kyd With Bishop John Dolan 22698 300 600 80 Tom and Margot Kyd with Bishop John Dolan
Victoria And Jim Stathis 22699 300 600 80 Victoria and Jim Stathis

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