The Sycuan Band of the Kumeyaay Nation hosted members of the Lhaq’temish or Lummi Nation, the original people of Washington State and British Columbia’s coast, as they seek to bring back Tokitae, the killer whale taken from their ancestral waters in the Salish Sea. A 16-foot totem pole carved with the killer whale and seals accompanied them as they crossed the country to Florida to bring attention to their cause.

Ariana Arroyo Neves And Paulina Jimenez 22807 300 600 80 Ariana Arroyo Neves and Paulina Jimenez
Buster 22808 300 600 80 Buster
Charlene Worrell  Bobo Elliott With Aatin And Harmony 22809 300 600 80 Charlene Worrell Bobo Elliott with Aatin and Harmony
Councilmember Joshua Muse  Joshua  Avangeline And Priscilla Muse 22810 300 600 80 Councilmember Joshua Muse Joshua Avangeline and Priscilla Muse
Dan Tucker And Henry Murphy 22811 300 600 80 Dan Tucker and Henry Murphy
Jewell James  Cody Martinez  Douglas James And Freddie Lane With Buster   22812 300 600 80 Jewell James Cody Martinez Douglas James and Freddie Lane with Buster

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