Giving Back Magazine is proud to be the Official Magazine Sponsor of the 25th Anniversary of the San Diego Latino Film Festival. The kickoff party was a delightful mix of music and culture featuring live music and film celebrities. Guests had the opportunity to enjoy one of the largest and well-respected Latino film festivals in the world with films from across Latin America and the United States.

Felipe Castaneda  Daniela Guichenne And Adriana Franco 21874 300 600 80 Felipe Castaneda Daniela Guichenne and Adriana Franco
Francia Baluca  Adolfo Ventura And Lisette Islas 21875 300 600 80 Francia Baluca Adolfo Ventura and Lisette Islas
Gustavo Rios  Erika Marin  Joyce Parra And Francisco Mata 21876 300 600 80 Gustavo Rios Erika Marin Joyce Parra and Francisco Mata
Isaac Artenstein  Consul Marcela Celorio And Ethan Von Thillo 21877 300 600 80 Isaac Artenstein Consul Marcela Celorio and Ethan Von Thillo
Ricky Ketcham  Rosana Marques And Abelardo Rodriguez 21878 300 600 80 Ricky Ketcham Rosana Marques and Abelardo Rodriguez

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