Kids 4 Cause

What’s cuter than kids modeling in a fashion show? When it is done for other children in need. The Kids 4 A Cause Fashion Show raised funds for the local chapter of Childhelp, an organization that strives to provide treatment programs and prevent child abuse. The trendy looks included customizable pieces as well as items that highlighted current trends in children’s fashion.

Angelica McDonald  Marcos  Nazanine And Jacqueline 19888 300 600 80 Angelica McDonald Marcos Nazanine and Jacqueline
Ashley Adam And Skylar 19889 300 600 80 Ashley Adam and Skylar
Ashley Adam  Skylar And Morgan Adam 19890 300 600 80 Ashley Adam Skylar and Morgan Adam
Casey Falkner With Clayton And Ivy 19891 300 600 80 Casey Falkner with Clayton and Ivy
Crystal And Hailey Yamasaki With Sylvia Villalobos 19892 300 600 80 Crystal and Hailey Yamasaki with Sylvia Villalobos
Jaime LaShell And Cricket Belle 19893 300 600 80 Jaime LaShell and Cricket Belle
Jeri Hain And Cindy Furlong 19894 300 600 80 Jeri Hain and Cindy Furlong
Leonardo And Ernesto Corona 19895 300 600 80 Leonardo and Ernesto Corona
Loan Schillinger And Jasmine Corona 19896 300 600 80 Loan Schillinger and Jasmine Corona
Paola Middleton  Emma  Luke Middleton And Jack 19897 300 600 80 Paola Middleton Emma Luke Middleton and Jack
Sally And Amaya 19898 300 600 80 Sally and Amaya

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