Just in Time For Foster Youth recently organized an elegant luncheon to share the organization’s goals and create camaraderie. Attendees brought gift cards as a donation to JIT for Foster Youth’s “My First Home Program”. A lovely meal was served and guests mingled and met new friends. The highlight of the afternoon was the moving speech from one of JIT’s own success stories.

Amy Lindsay and Sheryl McGrory Amy Lindsay Kandee Bondy Bonnie Hall and Sheryl McGrory Ann Orwig and Joan Evangelow
Bobbie Quick and Jacklyn Schaedler Candee Bondy Bonnie Hall Jill Ayling and Christine Tobias Christina Stow and Pam Deitz
Cindy Cavignac and Veronica Radford Cindy Engles Diane Archambault and Diane Cox David Archambault and Nathan Brunetta
Diane Archambault and Joan Evangelow Emma Ramirez Ana Ginich Michelle Rios and Allison Bechill Genevieve Chesnut Susanne Livingston and Connie Alston
Joan Coppenrath and Nancy Pouk Joan Hiser Elaine Bradbury Sue Mooradian and Wendy Nash Maria Platis Tadzia Martin and Gail Rugee
Mike Stivers and Kristine Cetale Mogi Austell and Marleigh Gleicher Pat Hughes and Gwyn Rice

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