Voices for Children hosted a luncheon for their benefactors, including a behind the scenes look at the complex foster care system in San Diego County. Guests met many of the judges who work every day to protect the lives of foster children and heard from a current foster youth whose life has been positively impacted by a Court Appointed Special Advocate, or CASA, volunteer.

Ann Dynes And David Doyle 21446 300 600 80 Ann Dynes and David Doyle
Betsy Wesselhoft  Karen Weber  Anita Mahaffey And Katie Sullivan 21447 300 600 80 Betsy Wesselhoft Karen Weber Anita Mahaffey and Katie Sullivan
Carolina Finch And Larry Katz 21448 300 600 80 Carolina Finch and Larry Katz
Dan Lamborn  Edlene McKenzie And Lisa Weinreb 21449 300 600 80 Dan Lamborn Edlene McKenzie and Lisa Weinreb
Haeyoung Tang  Ted Tchang  Alison And Friend 21450 300 600 80 Haeyoung Tang Ted Tchang Alison and friend
Jonni And Steve Bailey 21451 300 600 80 Jonni and Steve Bailey
Jonni Bailey  Robin Warner  Kevin Warner And Steve Bailey 21452 300 600 80 Jonni Bailey Robin Warner Kevin Warner and Steve Bailey
Kate Wilson And Gigi Cramer 21453 300 600 80 Kate Wilson and Gigi Cramer
Katrina VanderWoude And John Valencia 21454 300 600 80 Katrina VanderWoude and John Valencia
Khea Pollard And Stephanie Gioia 21455 300 600 80 Khea Pollard and Stephanie Gioia
Lorna Alksne With Tom And Kathryn Ashworth 21456 300 600 80 Lorna Alksne with Tom and Kathryn Ashworth
Megan Jones And Jill Skrezyna 21457 300 600 80 Megan Jones and Jill Skrezyna
Pete Deddeh  Supervisor Ron Roberts And Dean Dwyer 21458 300 600 80 Pete Deddeh Supervisor Ron Roberts and Dean Dwyer
Sabrina Goosby And Destiny Andersen 21459 300 600 80 Sabrina Goosby and Destiny Andersen
Sheryl Scarano And Alisa Barba 21460 300 600 80 Sheryl Scarano and Alisa Barba
Summer Stephan  Nancy Doyle And Carol Isackson 21461 300 600 80 Summer Stephan Nancy Doyle and Carol Isackson
Tom And Julie Karlo 21462 300 600 80 Tom and Julie Karlo

Photographed by:
Rosario Heer

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