Country Tea

Holiday shopping can work up an appetite, but The Country Friends had guests covered at their 21st Annual Holiday Tea. The sophisticated and festive event provided an optimal shopping experience while benefitting over 40 local organizations. Delicious sandwiches, champagne, and more were enjoyed while shoppers selected unique gifts from favorite vendors for loved ones.

Charlotte Agostinelli  Maggie Watkins And Rebecca Rader 16532 300 600 80 Charlotte Agostinelli Maggie Watkins and Rebecca Rader
Cheri Salyers And Tami Assaf 16533 300 600 80 Cheri Salyers and Tami Assaf
Claudia Turchin And Glaze Ziperovich 16534 300 600 80 Claudia Turchin and Glaze Ziperovich
Estela Peralta And Rosie Matteson 16535 300 600 80 Estela Peralta and Rosie Matteson
Gigi Brintwood  Alchera Ayyad And Kim Smart 16536 300 600 80 Gigi Brintwood Alchera Ayyad and Kim Smart
Gina Storr And Cindy Spilman 16537 300 600 80 Gina Storr and Cindy Spilman
Ingrid Fioroni  Hayate Danly  Bree Bornstein And Karla Wayss 16538 300 600 80 Ingrid Fioroni Hayate Danly Bree Bornstein and Karla Wayss
June Yannuzzi  Lauren Steel And Sandrina Lee 16539 300 600 80 June Yannuzzi Lauren Steel and Sandrina Lee
Marly Franke And Michelle Mirandon 16540 300 600 80 Marly Franke and Michelle Mirandon
Pam Warnock And Ginny Brown 16541 300 600 80 Pam Warnock and Ginny Brown
Rosemarie Harbushka And Suzanne Newman 16542 300 600 80 Rosemarie Harbushka and Suzanne Newman
Sabrina Cadini And Jolynn Shapiro 16543 300 600 80 Sabrina Cadini and Jolynn Shapiro
Stephanie Fadel  Yvette Letourneau  Gina Morell And Heather Furniss 16544 300 600 80 Stephanie Fadel Yvette Letourneau Gina Morell and Heather Furniss
Terri Salyers   Chivetta And Cheri Salyers 16545 300 600 80 Terri Salyers Chivetta and Cheri Salyers
Ulla Updegraff  Maggie Ralinson And Julia Van Loon 16546 300 600 80 Ulla Updegraff Maggie Ralinson and Julia Van Loon
Vivvi Herrmann  Marlena Brown And Annterese Toth 16547 300 600 80 Vivvi Herrmann Marlena Brown and Annterese Toth
Wendi And Marion Kirbey 16548 300 600 80 Wendi and Marion Kirbey

Photographed by: Rosario Heer

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