Together, with more than 500 guests, Jewish Family Service celebrated three Mitzvah Honorees, Benjamin Schulman, Claire & David Ellman, and U.S. Bank. Thanks to this vital support, Jewish Family Service will partner with thousands of San Diegans to improve their financial, physical, social, emotional and spiritual health, and achieve life-changing goals. Together, they are building a stronger, healthier, more resilient San Diego for everyone.

Alberta Feurzeig and Lois Richmond Benjamin Schulman and Jan Davis Brad Slaven Peter Weinrib and Danny Recht
Claire and David Ellman Daniel and Aviva Ellman Daniel Gardenswartz Michael Lees and Scott Schindler
Danielle Sicklick Dan Jones and Staci Tiras Jones David and Claire Ellman with Ray and Rhona Fink Heather Cohen and April Fink
IMG 5734 Jamie Sthal Heidi Timlake and Audrey Barrett John Bell Marc Schaefer and Ron Zollman
Joyce and Paul Dostart Julian Amy and Michael Stern Kira Finkenberg and Logan Marcus
Laurie Coleman and Belinda Donner Logan Marcus and Staci Tiras Jones Loretta Adams and William Snyder
Marcia Hazan and Jennifer Levitt Maria Chan and Michael Hopkins Marie Raftery and Bob Rubenstein
Michael Gallegos Rhonda Gallegos with Joyce and Paul Dostart Michael Hopkins Earnest Rady Sharon Stein Evelyn Rady and Jerry Stein Mike Stern and Ashley Weaver
Naima Solomon Jason Bercobitch and Ashley Harrington Peter and Ellen Gordon Rick Vann Robert Haimsohn and Charlie Rosen
Robbie and Rocket Ewell Sarah and Sol Shaftel Sharyn Goodson and Sharleen Wollach
Steve Levine Audrey Levine Heidi Gantwerk and Andrew Mayer Susan Shmalo and Gene Carswell Tal Moore and Karina Lombrozo
Tali and Michael Abramson Tonia and Jeremy Cohn and Karin Toranto Yulya Barron Gina Grammer and Alyssa Waddell

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