Supporting Home Start

The 11th Annual Hallo-Wine Fall Festival While it is always a good time, the event also serves to provide critical support to Home Start’s programs which help protect children from abuse. The evening featured a performance by Bill Fleming: guitarist, singer, and songwriter. The event was held at the beautiful Burnham House in Balboa Park.


La 11° edición del Hallo- Wine Fall Festival, siempre es una buena ocasión para divertirse y colaborar con los programas de Home Start que ayudan a proteger a niños del abuso. El evento realizado en la hermosa Burnham House de Balboa Park contó con la presentación del guitarrista y canta autor, Bill Fleming

Francesca Canales And Jayson Monti 24857 300 600 80 Francesca Canales and Jayson Monti
Supporting Home Start 24858 300 600 80 Supporting Home Start
Andres De La Mora And Robert Scheid 25024 300 600 80 Andres De La Mora and Robert Scheid
Brittany And Andrew Haley 25025 300 600 80 Brittany and Andrew Haley
Francesa Castagnola And Santino Pizzo 25026 300 600 80 Francesa Castagnola and Santino Pizzo
Meagan Monroe And Remington Hearen 25027 300 600 80 Meagan Monroe and Remington Hearen
Michele Alexandria And Anna Marie Lobello 25028 300 600 80 Michele Alexandria and Anna Marie Lobello
Molly Stokas And Jenny Biggers 25029 300 600 80 Molly Stokas and Jenny Biggers
Rene McKee And Laura Tancredi Baese 25030 300 600 80 Rene McKee and Laura Tancredi Baese
Shane And Melinda Doner With Mark Lagace 25031 300 600 80 Shane and Melinda Doner with Mark Lagace
Sierra McGovern And Carolina Echeverria 25032 300 600 80 Sierra McGovern and Carolina Echeverria

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