The Great Barrier Reef is still a mystery for many. The Fleet Science Center shed some light on the subject with a premier showing of their film, Great Barrier Reef. In addition to the film, guests were treated to a party where they were able to meet the Underwater Director of Photography, Richard Fitzpatrick and enjoy a behind-the-scenes special. The film is now showing regularly at The Fleet.

Alexia  Taylor  Avenly And Robin Carvy 23478 300 600 80 Alexia Taylor Avenly and Robin Carvy
Araceli And Wendy 23479 300 600 80 Araceli and Wendy
Betty  Thom Harpole And Councilman Chris Ward 23480 300 600 80 Betty Thom Harpole and Councilman Chris Ward
Bill And Rosemarie Traxler 23481 300 600 80 Bill and Rosemarie Traxler
Daniel And Edward Wilensky 23482 300 600 80 Daniel and Edward Wilensky
Jeff And Joy Kirsch With Joe And Linda Satz 23483 300 600 80 Jeff and Joy Kirsch with Joe and Linda Satz
Jennifer Davies And Theresa Wulf 23484 300 600 80 Jennifer Davies and Theresa Wulf
Marc And Maureen Duggan 23485 300 600 80 Marc and Maureen Duggan
Martha Dennis  Chris Lazich And Ed Dennis 23486 300 600 80 Martha Dennis Chris Lazich and Ed Dennis
Mary Walshok And James Clark 23487 300 600 80 Mary Walshok and James Clark
Peter Preuss And Richard Fitzpatrick 23488 300 600 80 Peter Preuss and Richard Fitzpatrick
Quinn And John Driver 23489 300 600 80 Quinn and John Driver
Rebecca And Andrew Howat With Kris And Chris Mooney 23490 300 600 80 Rebecca and Andrew Howat with Kris and Chris Mooney
Sheron And Ray Mehl With Rick And Karen Hodgetts 23491 300 600 80 Sheron and Ray Mehl with Rick and Karen Hodgetts

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