Go Red

Go Red for Women is committed to preventing heart disease and stroke through education and lifestyle changes. The Go Red for Women Luncheon seeks to garner support and funding to empower women to take charge of their health. Reena Horowitz and Giving Back Magazine’s Danitza Villanueva were Honorary Chairs.

Barbara Lee Edwards and Pat Elwood Carol Karlovich and Esther Nahama Carol Karlovich Sylvia Gardon Danitza Villanueva and Esther Nahama
Dame Zandra Rhodes Debbie Turner and Doreen Schonbrun Dianne Clarke Margaret Dudas and Marsha Shahon Donna Doyle Vici Willis and Linda LaCom
Eve Benton Cindy Goodman and Becki Etess Gianne Brintwood and Bonnie Hayden Go Red
Jeanne Jones and Debbie Turner Jennifer Bees Angela Smoley and Nancy Deisinger John Metcalf and Cynthia Mar
Judy White and Lori DeMaria Karina Lion Laine Lansing Lauren Dehasque and Autumn Stoff Linda Bruno and Louarn Sorkin
Linda Niggli Susie Avery Vicki Zeiger Lauren Zeiger and Laura Sturr Linda Sierra and Robin Toft Lori Walton Ruth Westreich and Martha Dennis
Paula Quint and Alana Schultz Sherry Special Paula Morgan and Debra Schwartz Shirley Harper and Marilyn Barrett
Susan Malory and Bernadette Bach Tatiana Kisseleva Marilynn Boesky and Lee Goldberg Vickie Curd Ladt Dame Zandra Rhodes and Joyce Dostart
Angie Lasagna Sherry Special Paula Morgan and Debra Schwartz    

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