Honorary Chairs Susan and Bill Hoehn celebrated the generosity and commitment of those who give to care for families at San Diego’s Ronald McDonald House at the annual Giving Circles Reception. Supporters were recognized for their generosity of giving in a meaningful way to keep the circle of care going year-round. Organizers of various events such as ROMP!, Dinner with Friends and Día de Alegría also enjoyed in the evening.

Alie And Tyler Smith 22066 300 600 80 Alie and Tyler Smith
Bob Campbell And Becci Rocco 22067 300 600 80 Bob Campbell and Becci Rocco
Chuck Day  Jennifer Harter  Susan And Bill Hoehn 22068 300 600 80 Chuck Day Jennifer Harter Susan and Bill Hoehn
Dan And Laurie Decker 22069 300 600 80 Dan and Laurie Decker
Darrin And Diana Witte  Matt Teeter And Carlos Sanguinetti 22070 300 600 80 Darrin and Diana Witte Matt Teeter and Carlos Sanguinetti
Ellen Greenhill And Dana Stein 22071 300 600 80 Ellen Greenhill and Dana Stein
Hudson And Mary Drake 22072 300 600 80 Hudson and Mary Drake
Leslie Mannes  Donna Evans And Greg Rogers 22073 300 600 80 Leslie Mannes Donna Evans and Greg Rogers
Maria Delgado  Roger Joseph And Tamara Lafarga Joseph 22074 300 600 80 Maria Delgado Roger Joseph and Tamara Lafarga Joseph
Marie Cunning  Rosie Ponn And Elisa Jaime 22075 300 600 80 Marie Cunning Rosie Ponn and Elisa Jaime
Paul And Melody Petersen 22076 300 600 80 Paul and Melody Petersen
Robin Cahill And Teresa Castiglione 22077 300 600 80 Robin Cahill and Teresa Castiglione
Rosie Ponn And Marie Cunning 22078 300 600 80 Rosie Ponn and Marie Cunning
Susanah And Oliver Petersen 22079 300 600 80 Susanah and Oliver Petersen
Alan And Louarn Sorkin 22080 300 600 80 Alan and Louarn Sorkin

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