Giving Circle

A tiered system of donor participation, Giving Circles, allows contributors to choose their level of giving with a monthly or annual membership. This provides substantial aid to families at the San Diego Ronald McDonald House including food and shelter that is greatly needed and appreciated during their child’s medical crisis. To celebrate this important group of donors, Ronald McDonald House Charities of San Diego organized a wonderful evening reception.

Geegee King And Randy Amerine 17529 300 600 80 Geegee King and Randy Amerine
Greg And Kathy Rogers 17530 300 600 80 Greg and Kathy Rogers
Jeff Partrick And Trulette Clayes 17531 300 600 80 Jeff Partrick and Trulette Clayes
Jerry And Cheri Pedigo With Grace And Greg Jackey 17532 300 600 80 Jerry and Cheri Pedigo with Grace and Greg Jackey
Klair And Christopher Van Slyke 17533 300 600 80 Klair and Christopher Van Slyke
Peggy Stewart And Bob Baker 17534 300 600 80 Peggy Stewart and Bob Baker
Susan And Scott Salka 17535 300 600 80 Susan and Scott Salka
Caroline Barberio  Aaron Malardino  Linda Spuck And Marcy Rodin 17536 300 600 80 Caroline Barberio Aaron Malardino Linda Spuck and Marcy Rodin
Chuck And Paula Day With Ami And Neil Aranha 17537 300 600 80 Chuck and Paula Day with Ami and Neil Aranha
David And Heidi Waitley With Gabe And Erynn Filkey 17538 300 600 80 David and Heidi Waitley with Gabe and Erynn Filkey
Deborah And Les Cross With Marcy And John Cavanaugh 17539 300 600 80 Deborah and Les Cross with Marcy and John Cavanaugh
Dianne Pennock  Adrienne Sherman  Susan Hoehn  Kathy Macon And Kathy Alamada 17540 300 600 80 Dianne Pennock Adrienne Sherman Susan Hoehn Kathy Macon and Kathy Alamada
Fernanda Whitworth And Raquel Heart 17541 300 600 80 Fernanda Whitworth and Raquel Heart


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