Volunteers Of America

Volunteers of America Southwest recently celebrated an incredible milestone, their 121st anniversary! In addition to recognizing those involved in the organization for their hard work and dedication, special awards were also presented to two honorees. The Founder’s Award for Distinguished Volunteer Service was dedicated to Jim Mulvaney Jr. and the Founder’s Award for Distinguished Corporate Social Responsibility to Ausgar Technologies.

Brad Bianchi And Luda Bruce 17898 300 600 80 Brad Bianchi and Luda Bruce
Genie Bianchi And Aaron Truax 17899 300 600 80 Genie Bianchi and Aaron Truax
Graywyn And David Bareno With Aly Bright 17900 300 600 80 Graywyn and David Bareno with Aly Bright
James Miller  Joana Riandt And Ed Schlesier 17901 300 600 80 James Miller Joana Riandt and Ed Schlesier
Jim Mulvaney. Aaron Mulvaney  Charlie Eoff And Tom Mulvaney 17902 300 600 80 Jim Mulvaney. Aaron Mulvaney Charlie Eoff and Tom Mulvaney
Jim Walsh  Joe Perucca And Scott Colbert 17903 300 600 80 Jim Walsh Joe Perucca and Scott Colbert
Karen Driscoll  Patricia Sellers And Tina Jenkins 17904 300 600 80 Karen Driscoll Patricia Sellers and Tina Jenkins
Kent Mitchell  Mariana Gruenberg And Karl Jahnke 17905 300 600 80 Kent Mitchell Mariana Gruenberg and Karl Jahnke
Marie And Mike Bruch 17906 300 600 80 Marie and Mike Bruch
Rayna Colton  Karen Dien  Debbie Lofgren And Cat Brott 17907 300 600 80 Rayna Colton Karen Dien Debbie Lofgren and Cat Brott
Rick Newman  Maud Rao And Mark Neilson 17908 300 600 80 Rick Newman Maud Rao and Mark Neilson
Shirley And Gerald McFadden With Marty Ellis 17909 300 600 80 Shirley and Gerald McFadden with Marty Ellis
Supporting The Cause 17910 300 600 80 Supporting the cause
Tony Sorge  Rick Rosa  Mati Valdes And Phil Immel 17911 300 600 80 Tony Sorge Rick Rosa Mati Valdes and Phil Immel
Wendy And Rick Newman 17912 300 600 80 Wendy and Rick Newman

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