A longtime group of friends from La Jolla united for their annual red themed luncheon organized by Marilyn Barrett. The women enjoyed a luncheon at the La Jolla Country Club where they reminisced and laughed over wonderful memories they created together over the years.

Gerri Teyssier  Merle Lotherington And Suzanne Thomas 20959 300 600 80 Gerri Teyssier Merle Lotherington and Suzanne Thomas
Lucy Wright  Irene Chandler And Barbara Hench 20960 300 600 80 Lucy Wright Irene Chandler and Barbara Hench
Marilyn Barrett  Peggy Fischer And Janice Weber 20961 300 600 80 Marilyn Barrett Peggy Fischer and Janice Weber
Shirley Harper  Judy Brucker And Ginger Reznik 20962 300 600 80 Shirley Harper Judy Brucker and Ginger Reznik

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